Diane von Furstenberg: Less is sometimes more in an age of so much choice

Culture + Style: “Less is Sometimes More in an Age of So Much Choice” -Diane von Furstenburg


Consumers have more choice than ever, with everyone from retailers to cereal makers widening their assortments dramatically to reach a broader clientele.

That is especially true in the world of fashion, with retailers such as luxury department store Saks focusing on building out low-price outlet stores to win frugal shoppers, and brands like Coach [fortune-stock symbol=”COH”] widely expanding their shoe and clothing selections to be less reliant on handbags.

Learn more about Coach’s expansion from Fortune’s video team:
[fortune-brightcove videoid=3974028455001]

The result in the aggregate has left consumers overwhelmed and often bewildered by an embarrassment of riches. And so as customers navigate an endless array of products and potentially become blasé, pulling back a bit might be an answer to safeguarding one’s aura of luxury, according to one of fashion’s biggest luminaries.

“For me the focus of this year is about the product—making less and make it better,” said Diane…

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